ToT on Leadership and Coordination Training

Ujjiban developed a “Leadership and Coordination” on SBCC training curriculum for the central to district and upazila level health and FP managers through a cascaded model of training. The objective of developing such a curriculum was to enhance leadership and coordination skill of the district and upazila level GoB officials working in the HPN SBCC fields. As HPN program response and acceptance requires people’s support and their participation, it has been envisaged that enhancement of these skills will lead to effectively engaging community, attaining their support and create a sense of ownership for the HPN programs. This curriculum is approved by the national SBCC steering committee chaired by the Secretary, HSD, MoHFW and co-chaired by the Secretary, ME & FWD.

Following approval Ujjiban provided technical support to conduct ToT for the MoHFW, Directorate and other relevant ministry officials on this curriculum. This 2-day long ToT hold on March 3-4, 2021 at BRAC, CDM, Savar.


Following the call-up notice from MoHFW this ToT was participated by 26 ministry and directorate level GoB officials represents MoHFW, MoI, MoRA, MoA including the units of DGHS and DGFP.

The curriculum has 10 sessions on the Leadership and Coordination issues delineated for 2 days formal session during March 3-4, 2021 while this residential ToT planned to convene on the prior night of the March 2 to meet in an informal introduction session.

Curriculum Methodology:

In the curriculum as well as the ToT followed the Reflection, Discussion and Synthesis (RDS) as the overall methods while particular methodology followed throughout the formal sessions includes:

  • Open and plenary discussions
  • Question-answer
  • Multi-media presentation
  • Card writing
  • Group/individual work
  • Group/individual presentations.

Observations during the 2-day working sessions:

ToT participants found very much engaged and participatory during the working sessions throughout two days. They proactively participated in open discussion, question-answer, card writing and group/individual presentations. Although the levels of participants range from the Assistant Director up to the Additional Secretary levels but that does not bring any impediments in the participation while discussing, questioning, group working or presenting.

Participants comments and commitments as next step:

  • This course has largely capacitated them individually and encouraged them to practice Leadership and Coordination in their respective workplaces to deliver better for the program, community and country as a whole.
  • The cascaded model of the curriculum and the training will benefit any development program including the HPN fields. Now follow-up. actions are required to mobilize respective units planning for further ToT/Training.
  • Ujjiban can consider providing this ToT for few more groups which will increase the possibility of allocating OP fund for the ToT/Training in the respective units.
  • The formation of the SBCC Coordination Committees will uniquely be rotated with the Leadership practices once the District and Upazila level officials could have provided with this Leadership and Coordination training.
  • The course contents, methodology, management and the facilitation were conducted in a planned and effective manner. Trainees of this course can follow these while they also organize such training.

 Closing Remarks:

Mr. Nitish Chandra Sarker, Additional Secretary, ME & FWD, MoHFW attended the closing session as Chief Guest. He underscored the need of the Leadership and Coordination training for the HPN fields as people’s support and their ownership through community mobilization and community engagement are most expected in the Health, Population and Nutrition programs. He lastly hoped this curriculum and course will be undertaken by respective units as regular program intervention.