The Bangladesh Knowledge Management Initiative (BKMI) has made available an online eLearning course

The Bangladesh Knowledge Management Initiative (BKMI) has made available an online eLearning course for field workers in health, population and nutrition sector. This eLearning course now has eight video-based modules, stated below. Earlier during BKMI eHealth piloting in 2012-2013 an offline version of 8 courses having eight similar topics were developed. BKMI has since updated and reorganized these courses and launched online in 2015 to ensure the course reflected the latest technical information and updated government policies. The course is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of field workers, and supplement the training they received. The course modules include:  Interpersonal Communication and Counseling;Integrated Messaging on HPN; Building Planned Family; Family Planning methods; Maternal Health; Maternal and Newborn care; Exclusive Breast Feeding and  Complementary Feeding to children after completion of 6 months age This no-cost eLearning course can be accessed to from a browser. All online users will need to register. Participants who will enroll as Learner will get certificate after successful completion of the course and obtaining a minimum score.


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