National Vitamin ‘A’ Plus Campaign Begins

The National Vitamin ‘A’ plus Campaign, is being observed across the country Saturday, June 05, 2021 aiming to feed vitamin A plus capsules to all children aged between six and 59 months, reports UNB.

Under the campaign, about 2.53 million children aged between six and 11 months will be fed blue colored vitamin ‘A’ capsules while

A health professional administers a vitamin A capsule to a child at a health Centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh on June 6, 2021.

19.5 million children aged between 12 and 59 months will be given red colored high-power capsules.

They will be given Vitamin A capsule at some 120,000 permanent and 20,000 mobile health centers across the country.

Mobile health centers has been set up at bus stands, railway stations, launch terminals, airports, ferry terminals, bridge toll centers and kheyaghats which will remain open from 8:00am to 4:00pm to make sure that all children are fed the capsules.

The children of the remote areas of 240 unions in 42 upazilas of 12 districts will be fed the capsules in the next four days of the campaign day through conducting a search programme.



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