Guidelines for functionalize the Committees for Implementing effective SBCC activities in HPN Sector

Considering the Comprehensive Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) Strategy '2016, designed to implement effective SBCC activities in the health, population and nutrition (HPN) sectors 7 committees were formed from the national level to the field level as per reference no. 45.00.0000. dated 12-08-2018 of Public Health-2, Health Services Division of MoHFW. These committees were reformed and reconstituted with amendments as per recommendation of National Steering Committee for HPN SBCC Strategy vides reference no. 45.00.0000.171.06. 012.20.438 dated 30-11-2020. As recommended by the National Implementation & Monitoring Committee for HPN SBCC Strategy a guideline has been formulated to facilitate the smooth implementation of the activities of district & upazila HPN SBCC committees to coordinate effective SBCC activities in the overall field of health, population and nutrition with the technical support from USAID Ujjiban SBCC Project. This guideline has been approved by the National Steering Committee for HPN SBCC Strategy during the meeting held on 20 October 2020. We assume that the concerned officials of district & upazila level HPN SBCC committees will be benefited in effective implementation of field level integrated & comprehensive HPN SBCC activities through this guideline. Please see the guideline in following link. HPN SBCC Coordination Committee Functioning Guideline


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