Bangladesh BCC Working Group launches HPN SBCC Safollo Gatha

On Monday March 30, 2015 Bangladesh HPN sector enters in to a new era of Share Fair by launching HPN SBCC Safollo Gatha event to share selected presentations by six organizations on health, population and nutrition sector SBCC to discuss about how to scale up successful practices; and how to innovate new strategies for attaining better outcomes in HPN sector in Bangladesh. The event generated lively discussion among all participants - both presenters and invited audience. Ms. Roxana Quader, Additional Secretary (PH & WH) and Mr. Nur Hossain Talukder Director General, Directorate General of Family Planning of MoHFW inaugurated the event. The Bangladesh Behavior Change Communication Working Group organized the event. The event was held with funding support from the USAID and under technical assistance from the Bangladesh Knowledge Management Initiative (BKMI). The event facilitated exchange and sharing of program experiences and success stories and would endow the SBCC community for building experience to program implementation. The goal is ultimately to identify success stories and innovations in Bangladesh so others can learn from them and be inspired to adapt them to their own context. A brochure on the summary presentations of the participating organizations along with some photographs of the event are posted below.
Ten themes/lessons featured from the presentations and discussions:
  1. Strategic vision/framework is important to show how pieces fit together to produce the desired result.
  2. Availability of services or products does not automatically lead to changed behavior. Use BCC for demand generation, and to promote correct and consistent use.
  3. Focus on the behavior you want to change – not just awareness or information about the behavior. Keep it simple!
  4. Process is more important than product. It’s not the material (leaflet, AV van, etc), it’s what you DO with it.
  5. It is important to embed BCC activities in the community – advocacy and network with leaders to help develop social support and enabling environment for healthy behaviors.
  6. Entertainment Education is appropriate! It generates interest and provides an opportunity for modeling healthy behaviors, positive life skills and social support. EE is also a good method to raise questions and generate discussions — rather than simply giving answers.
  7. Plan to monitor and evaluate BCC to show results
  8. Whenever possible, integrate themes of health, population and nutrition
  9. Repetition and reinforcement via different channels/media are important for sustained behavior change.
  10. Links with private sector can provide opportunities for sustainability.
participants_of_the_event_0 safollo_gatha_display inauguration_of_safollo_gatha_event guests_visited_safollo_gatha_display_centersguests_of_the_event hpn_sbcc_safollo_gatha_brochure


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