A new eLearning course on Adolescent Health (AH) available online

The USAID Ujjiban SBCC Project has made available an online eLearning course on Adolescent Health (AH) for Field Workers in health, population and nutrition sector. This is a video-based eLearning course which includes illustrations and animations. The course is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of field workers on Adolescent Health. The course comprises of twelve modules. These are  Introduction to Adolescence Health, Socio-economic and demographic status of Adolescent boys and girls in Bangladesh, Physical and mental changes of adolescent, Personal hygiene and management of physical changes during puberty, Food and nutrient requirements for adolescent, Childhood problems: physical, mental, social and behavioral, Reproductive tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS , Prevention and remedies of risky behavior and drug addiction during adolescent, Gender Discrimination/Inequalities, Violence against adolescent and sexual abuse, Life skills and future planning for adolescent and Adolescent friendly health services. This no-cost eLearning course is available at https://www.new.bdsbcc.org/mod/page/view.php?id=6 All online users will need to register. Participants who will enroll as Learner will get certificate after successful completion of the course and obtaining a minimum score.


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