4th Divisional BCC Working Group Meeting Held at Sylhet

4th Divisional BCC Working Group meeting was held at Sylhet on May 05, 2019. A total of 21 participants from Government and NGO those are working in the Sylhet Division participated in the meeting. Divisional Directors both from the health and family planning (representative) departments participated in the meeting. Dr. Mr. Debopada Roy, Divisional Director-Health was present as Chairperson in the meeting. Objective of the meeting was to share the existing HPN SBCC program/activities being implemented by the GoB and NGO in the Sylhet division and promote coordination for better synergy in implementing the 4th sector development program and attain better program impact. In addition to the DGHS and DGFP program officials the meeting had NGO representations from the USAID Ujjiban project, HEED-Bangladesh, SHIMANTIK, CNRS, Sukhi jiobon were present in the meeting. In the inception of the meeting chairperson welcomed the participants.  Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Advisor and Divisional Manager of USAID Ujjiban SBCC project share the baseline research finding and accomplishment of the last quarter’s SBCC activities respectively.  Participants of the meeting especially the government participants were very much enthusiastic about the baseline findings. HEED-Bangladesh, SHIMANTIK, CNRS and Sukhi jiobon also presented their ongoing SBCC activities. It was discussed in the meeting that some donors like UNICEF, UNDP and NGO, INGO are not attending in the meeting and strong follow up should be needed by the office of the organizer of the meeting. It was also discussed to include  Marie stopes, FPAB in the BCC Working group. The meeting decided to continue Divisional BCC Working Group meeting quarterly on rotation basis at Divisional Director Health and Family Planning. Next meeting will be held on end of August , 2019. It was also decided that power point presentation should be made while presenting organizational SBCC activities.   In the closing remarks, the Chairperson Dr. Debopada Roy, Divisional Director-Health expressed hopes that such BCC Working group meeting will profusely contribute in avoiding duplication of work by way of coordinated effort.


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