3rd Divisional BCC Working Group Meeting Held at Chattogram

With a primary objective to promote the divisional level GO-NGO coordination and brings better program impact through SBCC approaches in the health and family planning program fields, 3rd    Divisional BCC Working Group meeting was held at Chattogram on July 16, 2019. A total of 22 participants from Government and NGO those are working in the Chattogram Division participated in the meeting. Divisional Director, Deputy Director Health  and Deputy Director, Family Planning participated in the meeting. Dr. Hassan Shahriar Kabir, Divisional Director-Health was present as chief guest in the workshop while Dr. Md. Abdus Salam, Deputy Director- Health was present as Chairperson. The secondary objective of the meeting was to share the existing HPN SBCC program/activities being implemented by the GoB and NGO in the Chattogram division and promote coordination for better synergy in implementing the 4th sector development program and attain better program impact.   In addition to the DGHS and DGFP program officials the meeting had NGO representations from the WHO, UNICEF, CODEC, BRAC, GHASHFUL, World Vision Bangladesh,  Save the Children, MAMATA, UTSA, and USAID- Ujjiban were present in the meeting. USAID Ujjiban, MAMATA, UNICEF, GASHFUL, shared their ongoing SBCC activities followed by discussions to find out way of better coordination between Go and NGO activities.   It was discussed in the meeting as City corporation not under control of neither Civil Surgeon nor Deputy Director, Family Planning Office, so it was very much needed to present the representation of City Corporation in the meeting for better coordination and cooperation which is necessary. A common guideline for presentation shared in the BCC Working Group meeting and decision was taken to circulate to all the members of the working group present the meeting. It was also discussed that it is better to limit the presentation within 5- 6 minutes and just to highlight the SBCC activities as per the prescribed format. Meeting suggested to circulate meeting minutes well ahead before the next meeting. It was also discussed in the meeting that while invitation letter for the BCC Working Group meeting to sent out from Director Health Office it must be mentioned in that letter to borrow the respective NGOs presentation on SBCC activities. Next BCC Working group meeting to be held in the mid of September, 2019 at Divisional Director- Health Office.   In closing remarks, the chief guest Dr. Hasan Shahriar Kabir, Director-Health emphasized on clear, concise and consistent communication with the audience. He also requested to send/circulate the meeting minutes before the next minutes, recent photographs to be used in the presentation made by the NGOs, one focal person to be identified for this meeting. Dr. Hasan Shahriar Kabir also requested NGOs to prepared one pager in bullet point on what issues they are working on so that everybody can easily understand.  He expressed his felling    that a good interactive discussion held in the BCC Working group meeting. He also  reiterated that coordinated effort should be given to avoid any sort of duplication of activities. Dr. Abdus Salam, Deputy Director , Health also emphasized on coordination, cooperation and collaborative effort of all stakeholders. Finally, he thanks to all the participants to spent their valuable time to make the meeting successful.


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