Bangladesh Communication Framework Diagram and Narrative

The Framework consists of strategies and approaches that can be used to align communication activities with GoB policies, strategies and plans. It identifies initial and long-term results of effective and coordinated SBCC. The Framework is flexible and adaptable tools that can be used by any stakeholder to harmonize their SBCC strategies and activities with national priorities.

The HPN BCC eToolkit

The HPN BCC eToolkit for field workers is a digital library containing 116 high-quality Behavior Change Communication (BCC) materials approved by the Bangladesh Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as well as by field workers.

Strategy Report for Communication Strategies

The present report is the outcome of reviewing communication/SBCC strategies and operational plans (OPs) in Bangladesh by the Strategy Review Subgroup of the Bangladesh Communication Working Group (CWG). This is the first deliverable of the CWG, a group that was established to address the need for a coordinated, integrated and harmonized approach to health, family planning and nutrition SBCC.

Working Group Mandate

The Communication Working Group (BCC) will develop and deliver a comprehensive, coordinated, integrated and actionable Communication Implementation Framework for Health, Population and Nutrition. This Framework will integrate communication activities across health areas and partners, and provide a suggested work plan for all partners to deliver coordinated behavior change messages to priority audiences, especially at the community level.

Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) booklet series “Nijeke Jano” third edition is available

The soft copy of the third edition of the Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) informative booklet series “Nijeke Jano” is available for printing. The new edition of these booklets has been updated based on the frequently asked questions (FAQ) databank collected from a new generation of adolescents in 2013.

The latest version of the booklets contain the updated information relevant to the FAQs and their answers and were validated by a committee of ARH experts and program managers in government and non-government agencies and donors and DPs. The validated versions of the booklets were fully reviewed by the IEC Technical Committee of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Bangladesh in January 2015.

The soft copy of the booklets is available upon request. Interested organizations may send their request to The updated booklets are also available in pdf format Booklet-01, Booklet-02, Booklet-03, Booklet-04 .

Compilation of Videos

The compilation video is a tool for disseminating integrated messages on health, population and nutrition through enter-educative media. The video contains compiled form of videos produced on Health, Population and Nutrition by the three government units (BHE, IPHN and IEM) of DGHS and DGFP respectively. The videos may be used by AV Vans, which are popular in rural communities, as well as in facility waiting rooms where waiting clients and invited audience gather to watch the videos related to Health, Population and Nutrition. The objective of the compilation video is to bring together Health, Population and Nutrition related updated and consistent messages so that those can be utilized properly. The compilation video is prepared annually.

Tools for AV Van Show Implementation, Reporting and Monitoring Tools

AV Van Show brings entertaining and educational audio and visual media directly to the people. They can be displayed at convenient times and places, and are particularly useful for reaching people who live in remote and/or media-dark areas. The quality of AV Van presentations can be increased when trained facilitators are able to answer questions and facilitate dialogue within the community, and when they have access to printed BCC materials – either to display or to distribute to the audience. In order to improve the facilitating skills and building the capacity of the projectionist and other responsible officials BKMI with the support of three communication units of the MoHFW – BHE and IPHN of DGHS and IEM Unit of DGFP has developed some tools and step by step guidelines for effective implementation of AV Van shows.

SBCC Materials: Guideline for Distribution and Dissemination

In order to ensuring the right BCC materials from the right source in the right quantity and right condition reach the right destination at the right time at the right cost and with the right documentation, a standard guideline for the distribution and dissemination (D&D) of SBCC materials developed by BKMI with the support of three communication units of the MoHFW – BHE and IPHN of DGHS and IEM Unit of DGFP. This guideline describes the objectives of D&D, need based decision making, effective monitoring, feedback & evaluation, and process and requirements for distribution & dissemination.

SBCC M & E Tools English & Bangla

The three communication units of the MoHFW – BHE and IPHN of DGHS and IEM Unit of DGFP – are responsible for implementing SBCC activities in the field for their respective directorates. Both the directorates have various established systems for monitoring and reporting different service delivery data. But they do not have any standard system in place for SBCC activity monitoring and the field-level supervisors lack any tools to monitor SBCC inputs, outputs and results. With the technical assistance of BKMI, the representatives of BHE & IPHN and IEM Unit developed a checklist and a compilation reporting format for monitoring field level SBCC activities.

Review Criteria for Standard BCC Materials by IEC Technical Committee

Gold Standard BCC materials are the most comprehensive, accurate, up to date and user-friendly materials selected from all available materials on FP/MCH and Nutrition produced in Bangladesh. The materials are written in a level of language that is appropriate for and understandable by the intended target audience or pictorial with easy to understand pictures/diagrams for a non-literate user. The materials are complete, thorough and are up to date with the latest evidence-based protocols and information. They are produced with quality materials that are bright, attractive and are durable enough to last and withstand repeated use and a hot and humid climate. They are materials that have been extensively pre-tested, then field-tested and proven effective. In short, they are the best possible materials to use in a given situation to achieve the desired behavior change by the intended user or audience of the material. Official notification of approval of BCC Material Review Criteria for IEC Technical Committee (English & Bangla) are attached.


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