About Us

The Bangladesh Behavior Change Communication (BCC) Working Group is a common platform for harmonizing and coordinating BCC activities in the Health, Population and Nutrition (HPN) sector in Bangladesh. It is a forum where BCC experts from different organizations share their knowledge, experience, and activities. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Government of Bangladesh, has officially recognized the BCC Working Group and has assigned Additional Secretary (PH & WH), MoHFW, to oversee and coordinate its activities.
For coordinating and harmonizing BCC programs and activities, the BCC Working Group developed a National Framework for Effective HPN Social and Behavior Change Communication.
The BCC Working Group was formed in 2011 and consists of members from different organizations including public, development, NGO and private-sector partners. The membership is open for all who have an interest in the HPN communication sector. The BCC Working Group meets every 2-3 months.

Three units of MoHFW, namely IEM/DGFP, IPHN/DGHS and BHE/DGHS, host the meetings on a rotating basis.

The broader goal of the BCC Working Group is to contribute to achieving the goals of the MoHFW’s Health, Population and Nutrition Sector Development Programme (HPNSDP) 2011-2016.

To learn more please contact bdbccgroup@gmail.com