HPN SBCC Best Practice Share Fair event held

HPN SBCC Best Practice Share Fair event held on 08 March 2021 at 12:30 P.M. through virtual platform. The Honorable Minister for Health & Family Welfare Mr. Zahid Maleque, MP was attend  the occasion as Chief Guest, while Secretaries of both the divisions of MoHFW and USAID representative were present  as the special guest. 15 GoB and NGOs  presented their Best Practice interventions interesting and innovative way. You will find the link of Best Practice stall  and eMagazine of Shafollo Gatha virtual fair held on March 8, 2021. Shafollo Gatha virtual fair and  eMagazine was developed with technical assistance from  USAID Ujjiban [Read more...]

ToT on Leadership and Coordination Training

Ujjiban developed a “Leadership and Coordination” on SBCC training curriculum for the central to district and upazila level health and FP managers through a cascaded model of training. The objective of developing such a curriculum was to enhance leadership and coordination skill of the district and upazila level GoB officials working in the HPN SBCC fields. As HPN program response and acceptance requires people’s support and their participation, it has been envisaged that enhancement of these skills will lead to effectively engaging community, attaining their support and create a sense of ownership for the HPN programs. This curriculum is approved [Read more...]

School Health Education Package Development Workshop Held

As part of continued effort of the MoHFW to develop a unified school health education program it organized a workshop to capture the developments made after the first meeting of the Coordination Committee for the Development and Implementation of the School Health Education Package (SHEP) held last month that finalized the topics with sub-topics and content titles of the SHEP and conferred HPN unit wise responsibilities to detail out the contents of the SHEP. A number of 17 content heads with sub-topics was finalized in that meeting. This workshop was on presenting and review of the contents details and consider [Read more...]

SBCC National Steering Committee Meeting Held

HPN Comprehensive SBCC strategy really bringing its impact over mainstreaming SBCC program coordination across inter-divisional and inter-directorate planning and implementation of SBCC activities. The SBCC coordination has now been institutionalized through functionality of the 5-tier national level committees and conducting of meetings at the ministry and directorates. In continuation of mainstreaming SBCC program coordination, the second meeting of the National Steering Committee for the implementation of HPN SBCC Strategy had a good display of such functionality of the program coordination when it met on October 20, 2020 being Mr. Md. Abdul Mannan, Secretary, HSD, MoHFW as Chair and Mr. Md. [Read more...]

Integrating Risk Communication and Community Engagement in the National Health Care System.

A widespread consensus were ingrained over the discussion took place in the policy dialogue on the ‘Integrating Risk Communication and Community Engagement in the National Health Care System”. This policy dialogue event was held through webinar in the Zoom platform on September 26, 2020. Prof. Dr. Habibe Millat MP attended this event as Chief Guest while Prof. Dr. Shah Monir Hossain, Chairperson, Public Health Association of Bangladesh and former DG, DGHS chaired the dialogue event. In his opening speech Prof. Dr. Habibe Millat MP emphasized on the community engagement in the health care system and termed this policy as an [Read more...]

28th Meeting of the HPN SBCC Coordination Committee

A wholesome level of sharing of good practices and program successes of the SBCC activities took place in the 28th meeting of the HPN SBCC Coordination Committee when they met on October 08, 2020 in Zoom virtual platform hosted by the BHE. SBCC is a critical program component for the Health, Population and Nutrition units of the MoHFW as these aspects of the program are highly dependable on individual, household and community level behavior and practices while coordination becomes a key factor to plan, development and implementation of SBCC activities bringing better program impact. This meeting was attended by representatives [Read more...]

Creating More Community Paramedics Can Improve Grassroots Healthcare

The number of skilled health workers across the country is extremely low, only 2 against every 10 doctors while World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 50. Because of this, the people at rural areas largely depend on unskilled providers. To overcome this scarcity, it is essential to develop adequate number of skilled health workers immediately. Speakers at National Consultative Meeting-2020 on “Community Paramedics: A Skilled Healthcare Workforce in Rural Bangladesh” on Monday (December 07, 2020) at Hotel Amaari, Gulshan in Dhaka made the observation. Trained community paramedics are created through two-year course certified by Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council (BNMC). By [Read more...]

Drama Series to Raise Social and Health Awareness of COVID-19

Third series (5-episode drama series Akkel Selami/ Price of Stupidity) to raise social and health awareness of COVID-19, will be aired on Channel-I from at 7.30 pm and broadcast dates are 6,7,13,14 & 20 December,2020 @ 07.30 pm on RTV. .  This mini-series also has been funded by USAID through its Breakthrough Action activity implemented by Johns Hopkins University. Requesting you all to watch and share widely. Also note that, Ujjiban can make this drama series available for any organization interested to disseminate at community level or any other means. Ujjiban would also like to inform you that one more series capturing different aspects of COVID-19, its [Read more...]