Drama Series to Raise Social and Health Awareness of COVID-19

Third series (5-episode drama series Akkel Selami/ Price of Stupidity) to raise social and health awareness of COVID-19, will be aired on Channel-I from at 7.30 pm and broadcast dates are 6,7,13,14 & 20 December,2020 @ 07.30 pm on RTV.

.  This mini-series also has been funded by USAID through its Breakthrough Action activity implemented by Johns Hopkins University. Requesting you all to watch and share widely. Also note that, Ujjiban can make this drama series available for any organization interested to disseminate at community level or any other means.

Ujjiban would also like to inform you that one more series capturing different aspects of COVID-19, its impact on community and daily lives, and also early marriage and GBV, have been developed by USAID’s Breakthrough Action to create awareness among general people and encourage taking up healthy habits and positive attitudes.