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HPN BCC eToolkit 2nd Sub-group Meeting held

The HPN BCC eToolkit  2nd Sub-group Meeting was held on September 26, 2016 at the Conference Room of BCCP. Fourteen subgroup members from MSH, EngenderHealth, IEM Unit, BKMI and BHE Unit attended the meeting. The meeting was organized to share the list of materials as per category finally selected for yearly updating after vetting of expert group and field worker with the subgroup ... [Read more...]

HPN BCC eToolkit for Field Workers updated

The HPN BCC eToolkit for field workers is a digital library of updated BCC materials designed for use by the field workers during counseling. As part of its annual updating, the eToolkit site was updated in December 2015 with recent resources. From December 2015 the number of available, high-quality SBCC materials increased to 321; 95 redundant materials were removed and 71 new materials ... [Read more...]

Availability and Use of HPN BCC eToolkit for Field Workers

The BKMI and three MoHFW units (BHE and IPHN in DGHS; and IEM in DGFP) have developed an online Behavior Change Communication (BCC) eToolkit for Field Workers. This e-Toolkit is basically a digital library of BCC materials. The e-Toolkit contains high quality BCC material (printed and audio-visual) vetted by technical experts from IPHN, BHE & IEM units, as well as field workers. The ... [Read more...]

eToolkit for field workers sub-group meeting

In order to bring together coordinated, integrated and harmonized health, family planning and nutrition communication resources into one location, BKMI and the MoHFW developed an eToolkit – available both online and offline – for field workers from 2012. Each year, the eToolkit is updated with the latest BCC materials produced by 3 units of DGHS and DGFP (BHE, IPHN & IEM), in ... [Read more...]