HPN SBCC Best Practices

Best practice is a method or technique to show standard activities and performance in any intervention program for improvement of HPN SBCC that can be used as a benchmark. Best Practice, by nature, is fluid and context-specific. The standard of a Best Practice may change over time, and may vary according to audience, region, communication channel, health topic, available technology or other factors.

Best Practice documentation is unique because it focuses on examining and documenting helpful changes made during the process of a program (management systems, design, delivery, recipient uptake, monitoring process etc.) and not just on the results of the program.

Considering the importance of best practices and its implications in future program and development activities, a subgroup has been formed to identify and share the best practices of HPN SBCC sector.


To share best practices in HPN SBCC sector, that may inspire organizations to maintain high standards in their programming, to innovate in their future planning, and to re-think their approach to monitoring and evaluation.


• Development of a standard Best Practices Submission form
• Identify and share best practices of HPN SBCC annually in Safollo Gatha event
• Share the global best practices in sub group as well as BCC working group
• Inspire for scale up and replicability of best practices

Twelfth Meeting Minutes from the Best Practices Subgroup

The twelfth meeting of the Best Practices Subgroup was held on February 11, 2016 at the Multipurpose Hall of BCCP. Fourteen members of the Best Practices Sub-group including the submitting organizations attended the meeting. The representatives from SHIKHA/ FHI360- Asiatic MCL, NHSDP, IPHN, IEM, MCH, BKMI and BCCP were among them. The meeting was held to discuss the mode of presentations in the next Safollo Gatha event and logistics requirements needed to organize the event. Meeting minutes are attached. [Read more...]

8th Meeting Minutes of Best Practices Subgroup

The 8th meeting of Best Practices Subgroup was held on 21 June 2015 at SMC premise. The meeting was held to review the existing best practices submission format and make it a unified format by incorporating the issues of the rubrics for the next Safollo Gatha event.  Representatives from EngenderHealth, IPHN, BHE, SMC and BKMI attended the meeting. Click here for meeting minutes. [Read more...]