The subgroups of BCC working group have been formed to maintain coordination and collaboration in different activities of HPN SBCC sector. A comprehensive, coordinated, integrated and actionable Communication Implementation Framework for Health, Population and Nutrition has already been developed. The framework has been developed for integrating communication activities across health areas and providing a suggested work plan for all partners to deliver coordinated behavior change messages to priority audiences, especially at the community level. To achieve its goal the BCC Working Group has created different subgroups which have been tasked with specific deliverables. The groups include:

1) HPN BCC Best Practices Sub-group
2) HPN BCC eToolkit for field workers Sub-group
3) Program Managers and Planners eToolkit Sub-group
4) Leadership Sub-group
5) National Framework for Effective HPN SBCC
6) BCC Campaign Mapping Sub-group
7) Communication Strategy Review Sub-group

Please access the subgroup pages for more information about their deliverables and objectives.

Bangladesh eToolkit for SBCC Program Managers and Planners Updated

The SBCC Program Managers and Planners eToolkit is an online resource for policy makers, program managers, service providers, advocates and others to provide technical guidance to central and field-level staff. It serves as a ready reference to facilitate the day-to-day SBCC activities & update knowledge on the latest technical information related to field of work. The Bangladesh BCC Working Group, with technical support from BKMI, developed this toolkit, and vetted the resources for inclusion with active role of the subgroup for SBCC Program Managers and Planners eToolkit. The site is annually updated with latest relevant resources. As a part of [Read more...]

Third Meeting Minutes of Program Managers eToolkit review Subgroup

The 3rd SBCC PM eToolkit meeting was held on Thursday, 21 September 2017 at the Conference Room of BCCP. A total of eight Members from BHE, IEM, IPHN, BBC media action and Ujjiban attended the meeting. Based on the decision of the last meeting 19 resources links were collected for review of the subgroup (Annex – 1). He shared the resources links in the meeting to get the feedback of the members and members provided their thoughts and comments. Based on the review in the meeting 16 resources were selected to upload on the PM eToolkit site for 2017. The [Read more...]

Second Meeting Minutes of Program Managers eToolkit review Subgroup

The 2nd Sub-Group meeting to review the SBCC Program Managers and Planners eToolkit was held on 10th August 2016 at the Multipurpose hall, level-5 BCCP. A total of eleven members from different organizations attended the meeting. Representatives from IEM Unit of DGFP, Helen Keller International, BBC Media Action, EngenderHealth and Ujjiban attended the meeting. The meeting recommended to upload a few documents/resources this year. List of resources will be finalized after checking any duplication on the site. See minutes in here.   [Read more...]

The 22nd BCC Working Group meeting held

The 22nd  BCC Working Group meeting was held on 9th August 2017 at the IMCI Conference Room, EPI Bhaban (2nd floor), Mohakhali, Dhaka. The meeting was hosted by BHE and chaired by Mr. Md. Abdus Salam, Chief Bureau of Health Education and Line Director, Lifestyle, Health education and Proportion, DGHS. Different organizations namely  Asiatic MC, CCSDP, MCH, MIS, IEM unit DGFP, IPHN, IFPRI, NHSDP, Save The Children,  JICA, JHU/CCP , FHI360, EngenderHealth, Challenge TB, UNICEP,USAID, Ujjiban,  HKI, WSUP  and BHE shared their BCC activities in the meeting. A total 42 members of BCC Working Group attended the meeting. The presentations [Read more...]

HPN BCC eToolkit 2nd Sub-group Meeting held

The HPN BCC eToolkit  2nd Sub-group Meeting was held on September 26, 2016 at the Conference Room of BCCP. Fourteen subgroup members from MSH, EngenderHealth, IEM Unit, BKMI and BHE Unit attended the meeting. The meeting was organized to share the list of materials as per category finally selected for yearly updating after vetting of expert group and field worker with the subgroup members. Moreover the meeting discussed about the selection of redundant materials.   The minutes is attached. [Read more...]

HPN BCC Field Workers eToolkit Subgroup Meeting held

The HPN BCC field workers’ eToolkit Subgroup Meeting was held on July 25, 2016 at the Conference Room of BCCP. The meeting was organized for yearly updating the BCC materials on the field workers eToolkit platform. Fourteen participants joined the meeting thus forming the Subgroup for HPN BCC field workers eToolkit for this year. The discussion in the meeting included a request to all members to send Health, Population and Nutrition related materials to BHE, IPHN and IEM Units of DGHS and DGFP in due time. It was also recommended to request members to send hard copy along with soft [Read more...]

Minutes of Sub Group Meeting on review of SBCC program managers and planners eToolkit

The sub-group meeting on review of SBCC program managers and planner’s eToolkit was held on June 6, 2016 at the BCCP Conference Room. The meeting was organized to review the resources of program managers and planners eToolkit to keep this resource kit updated for them with latest know-how and techniques in SBCC programming and activities. A total of thirteen members from different organizations namely Terre des homes Foundation, UNICEF, BBC Media Action, SMC, CBHC, DGFP and BKMI participated in the meeting. Meeting minutes are attached. [Read more...]