Other meeting minutes

Third Meeting Minutes of Program Managers eToolkit review Subgroup

The 3rd SBCC PM eToolkit meeting was held on Thursday, 21 September 2017 at the Conference Room of BCCP. A total of eight Members from BHE, IEM, IPHN, BBC media action and Ujjiban attended the meeting. Based on the decision of the last meeting 19 resources links were collected for review of the subgroup (Annex – 1). He shared the resources links in the meeting to get the feedback of the members and members provided their thoughts and comments. Based on the review in the meeting 16 resources were selected to upload on the PM eToolkit site for 2017. The [Read more...]

Second Meeting Minutes of Program Managers eToolkit review Subgroup

The 2nd Sub-Group meeting to review the SBCC Program Managers and Planners eToolkit was held on 10th August 2016 at the Multipurpose hall, level-5 BCCP. A total of eleven members from different organizations attended the meeting. Representatives from IEM Unit of DGFP, Helen Keller International, BBC Media Action, EngenderHealth and Ujjiban attended the meeting. The meeting recommended to upload a few documents/resources this year. List of resources will be finalized after checking any duplication on the site. See minutes in here.   [Read more...]

Twelfth Meeting Minutes from the Best Practices Subgroup

The twelfth meeting of the Best Practices Subgroup was held on February 11, 2016 at the Multipurpose Hall of BCCP. Fourteen members of the Best Practices Sub-group including the submitting organizations attended the meeting. The representatives from SHIKHA/ FHI360- Asiatic MCL, NHSDP, IPHN, IEM, MCH, BKMI and BCCP were among them. The meeting was held to discuss the mode of presentations in the next Safollo Gatha event and logistics requirements needed to organize the event. Meeting minutes are attached. [Read more...]