Bangladesh eToolkit for SBCC Program Managers and Planners Updated

The SBCC Program Managers and Planners eToolkit is an online resource for policy makers, program managers, service providers, advocates and others to provide technical guidance to central and field-level staff. It serves as a ready reference to facilitate the day-to-day SBCC activities & update knowledge on the latest technical information related to field of work. The Bangladesh BCC Working Group, with technical support from BKMI, developed this toolkit, and vetted the resources for inclusion with active role of the subgroup for SBCC Program Managers and Planners eToolkit. The site is annually updated with latest relevant resources. As a part of this process new resources were identified and shared with the subgroup members for inclusion. Based on the feedback, the eToolkit was updated as on September 2017 and 16 new resources were uploaded. The updated resources will facilitate to enrich the knowledge of professionals and make them efficient to design and implement their SBCC activities.
To learn more on SBCC program managers and planners eToolkit please visit the website at: