Creating More Community Paramedics Can Improve Grassroots Healthcare

The number of skilled health workers across the country is extremely low, only 2 against every 10 doctors while World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 50. Because of this, the people at rural areas largely depend on unskilled providers. To overcome this scarcity, it is essential to develop adequate number of skilled health workers immediately. Speakers at National Consultative ... [Read more...]

Drama Series to Raise Social and Health Awareness of COVID-19

Third series (5-episode drama series Akkel Selami/ Price of Stupidity) to raise social and health awareness of COVID-19, will be aired on Channel-I from at 7.30 pm and broadcast dates are 6,7,13,14 & 20 December,2020 @ 07.30 pm on RTV. .  This mini-series also has been funded by USAID through its Breakthrough Action activity implemented by Johns Hopkins University. Requesting ... [Read more...]

Family Welfare Service Week Begins

Health minister Zahid Maleque inaugurates Family Welfare and Service Week 2020 by releasing balloons ‍at the Maternal and Child Health Training Institute at Mirpur in Dhaka on Sunday.[/caption] The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare began its Family Welfare Service and Publicity Week 2020 across the country on Sunday. Health minister Zahid Maleque inaugurated the week as chief of a ... [Read more...]

Vitamin A-Plus Campaign Begins

The National Vitamin-A capsule started across the country on Sunday, October 04 2020 aiming to feed the capsule  to children aged between six and 59 months. Health Minister Zahid Maleque inaugurated the 14-day campaign at a program through feeding the Vitamin A-plus capsule to achild at Dhaka Shishu Hospital ( Dhaka Children’s Hospital). Mostofa Kamal, additional secretary ... [Read more...]

30th Meeting of the Bangladesh BCC Working Group

BCCWG forum could be a good source to contribute better in the public health field for health and well-being of the people of Bangladesh opined by Md. Mostafa Kamal, Additional Secretary, HSD, MoHFW.  The BCC Working Group met in their 30th meeting on the September 01, 2020 having Mr. Md. Mostafa Kamal, Additional Secretary, HSD, MoHFW in the Chair and Mr. Nitish Chandra Sarker, ... [Read more...]

27th Meeting of The HPN SBCC Coordination Committee

Our joint effort combatting the havoc of Covid-19 is the demand of time to address through SBCC interventions opined Dr.  Ashrafunnesa, Line Director-IEM. A virtual meeting of 27th HPN Coordination Committee was held on April 28, 2020 on the inter-unit coordination issues as per set agenda that also focused on unit’s effort on the Covid-19 related SBCC interventions. Chaired by ... [Read more...]

Observance of World Population Day, 2020

The World Population Day 2020 celebrated across the country as elsewhere of the world on Saturday 11 July, 2020 with an aim to draw global attention on the importance of population issues. But, due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic, only online discussion  arranged in the country as no special program will be taken, reports BSS. The theme of the day this year is “safeguarding the ... [Read more...]

Travel Show Produced by Ujjiban

Ujjiban has produced a travel show. Exploring the unexplored parts of Bangladesh this travel show Ghuri Firi Jani follows a group of travelers who interact with communities. The show discovers their journey, home stays and the interaction with locals to uncover their stories. Central idea underlies as much about the personal journey of the travelers as it is about the journey to different ... [Read more...]

Formative Research to Understand Behaviours Influencing Contraceptive Practice among Newly Married Couples in Bangladesh

“Formative Research to Understand Behaviours Influencing Contraceptive Practice among Newly Married Couples in Bangladesh” has been completed with the financial and technical support IEM unit, DGFP . The research conducted by Survey and Research System (SRS). This study is very important and contemporary in line with the Family Planning Programs of DGFP under Ministry of Health and ... [Read more...]